Recycled Jack Daniel's DIY Soap Dispensers


Did you ever asked yourself what useful things you can do with all the plenty of whiskey bottles you have found inside your kitchen cabinets after the party?  Well, apparently why don’t you try turned it into these Recycled Jack Daniel’s DIY Soap Dispensers, made by Curly Birds. This soap dispenser is not just a great man cave idea, but probably an awesome DIY gift for men.

What You’ll need:

  1. Bottle of Jack Daniel’s, or another pretty bottle of booze. This is the 375ml bottle.
  2. Buy a bottle of liquid soap – choose the fanciest pump you can find.
  3. Pour soap into Jack bottle and screw on the pump.

The entire procedure appears easy. Simply upcycle a whiskey bottle which you have chosen or your man’s choice into this awesome bathroom home decor. Empty out the bottles, replace the contents with liquid soap, take away the original caps and change them with tube caps.  Voila — you have made the manliest, most macho soap dispenser every great whiskey drinker can have.

from Gift Ideas for Boyfriend http://buyhimthat.com/recycled-jack-daniels-diy-soap-dispensers/