Bialetti Espresso Coffee Maker


The Bialetti Espresso Coffee Maker is the world’s most recognized and favorite coffee maker. The different aluminum pot is easy to use.  Making a rich, real coffee in just minutes, the Espresso Coffee Maker pot features Bialetti’s unique eight-sided shape allowing it to diffuse heat perfectly to increase the aroma of your coffee.

You don’t need a coffee equipment to create a halfway good cup of strong ground espresso. All you need is this inexpensive, Espresso Coffee Maker pot whose design has always been the same in the 82 years people have been using it in making coffee in the stove top. Featuring a removal ratio that’s on par with most classic coffee machines, it is the type of simple but absolutely useful gift that any coffee-addict boyfriend will probably enjoy it.


Product Details:

  • Produces 3 cup of rich, delightful, aromatic coffee in just minutes
  • Made from high quality polished aluminum
  • Vintage Bialetti Octagon shape
  • Easy to rinse and disassemble
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in Italy

$22.99 at Amazon.com

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