Magical Wine Bottle Chain Holder



The Magical Wine Bottle Chain Holder is a gravity defying eye catcher and also a smart way to show out of your wine beverages. Made out of welded chain links and skillfully designed in order to balance properly whenever you put your wine bottle of choice, it’s just like using a piece of installation art in your dining table.

This Magical Wine Bottle Chain Holder can be an amazing way to show your Dad or Grandpa just how much you value him on his special day. The stylish and unique piece also defines a wonderful accessory into a social gathering family table, and will become a talking point to your visitors! Not just a terrific addition to your home, but it also makes a great present for gadget enthusiasts and wine lovers!


Product Details:

  • Hold your wine on this gravity defying bottle holder
  • Bottle hangs suspended horizontally just like by magic
  • In the form of a loose chain
  • Perfect for dinner events of special occasions
  • Ideal for any 75 cl wine bottles

$21.95 at Amazon.com

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